Long Island Art league

Long Island Art league

Classes at the Art League of Long Island  Dix Hills New York  –


When relaxed, and we know no one is judging us, the inner artist reveals itself. My classes offer a supportive environment to let the artist show itself. No previous art experience necessary. While not everyone will be a great artist everyone can be creative and with silk painting we have had many wonderful surprises. Students with no previous art experience have produced exciting things on silk. No two students go home with the same exact piece. I encourage your own creativity

Silk Scarf Painting Class : September 30th 10:30 am – 3:30 Pm 2017  at the Art League of Long Island Contact the art league for more information at their web site they have more information and you can sign up there (under fiber )

Sunday- 11/19/ 17 Make a class using Shibori Methods at Long Island Art League, Dix Hills 

Wednesday- 10/ 25/ 17  Silk Painting for Creative Expression 6:30 – 8:30 Pm -Long Island Art League , Dix Hills

Wednesday- December 13th 2017 — Silk Painting for Creative expression – Art League of Long Island, Dix Hills  

Hallockville Museum Farm  Riverhead NY –October 28, 2017Shibori Scarf WorkshopShibori Scarf Workshop

shibori class 7.26 Pollack

Shibori Class At the Long Island Art Lleague

Shibori Class At the Long Island Art League

Vivien Pollack Class Farm

Hallockville Museum Farm

V Pollack Class HallocksvilleV Pollack Class scarves drying

At the Independent Art Society

At the Independent Art Society- Demo